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You are invited to the

Prometheus Lab

A project by Waxbones // Powered by Props

Chapter 1 house Chapter 1 lawn Chapter 1 pathway

i. Arrival

It’s either a weekday or a weekend, you can’t quite remember. There is a fresh chill in the air and clouds are beginning to loom overhead. It’s getting late, but not too late. Somewhere between dinner-time and bed-time I’d say.

You received an invite, and now you’re here… walking up the path to the front door.

Chapter 2 arch Chapter 2 person Chapter 2 frame

ii. Prometheus

They call him, “The Modern Prometheus”. They say he's trying to create the perfect organism, trying to find the ‘Ascendency Strain’. They say he's playing God.

No idea what the ‘Ascendency Strain’ is but it doesn’t sound good, does it?!

He answers the door. Tall and wiry. Proper creepy! You can’t remember why you were invited but now you're following him to “The Lab”.

Chapter 3 jars Chapter 3 lights Chapter 3 person Chapter 3 table

iii. Laboratory

The Lab is dank but strangely sterile. Not a clue how he managed to get planning permission or contractors to build this!

The equipment is like nothing you’ve seen before. You’re immediately drawn to the body parts in jars. Some sort of lizard. Something furry. Is that a tarboosh?!

He seems to be splicing together different parts, from different creatures, like a fucked up Pick ‘n’ Mix! The brain from this thing. The eyes from that thing. Maybe a dash of cayenne and a sprinkle of oregano.

Chapter 4 fireplace Chapter 4 arch Chapter 4 bones

iv. As above, so below

He leaves you alone in the Lab for a moment and the sound of movement draws you to a wooden door leading to a staircase in the corner of the room. Poorly lit and strangely moist. The smell hits you in the face like a hot flannel.

They say "curiosity killed the cat" but cats have 9 lives, so it’s probably fine to see what’s down there, right?

You walk down the stone steps to a dark room with a furnace burning hotter than hell. Figures move in the darkness behind the bars of cages that line the room.

v. Abomination

It’s clear that these creatures were not born this way. If they were then you don’t want to know how they were conceived! Their twisted features move in the dim glow from the furnace.

“They’re Abominations. Not good enough. Failures,” says a voice behind you.

Probably time to make like a tree and get the fuck out of here!

Before you can turn to respond, everything goes black…

I’d say you’re fucked, mate!


  • Artist, story and creator of Prometheus Lab
  • Waxbones expels creative juices where the whimsical meets the macabre, and has been balls-deep in NFTs since the start of 2021. In that time he has become an established name in the scene, consistently selling out, collaborating with some of the biggest NFT artists, and continually doing whatever the fuck he wants!
  • Web3 Developers
  • Props are the devs behind some of the biggest Web3 and NFT projects to date, including Woodies, Deadfrenz, Habibis, HPPRs, Boss Beauties and more

What is Prometheus Lab?

"They call him, “The Modern Prometheus”. They say he’s trying to create the perfect organism, trying to find the ‘Ascendency Strain’. He’s splicing together different parts, from different creatures, like a fucked up Pick ’n’ Mix… and guess who’s next…

I’d say you’re fucked, mate!"

‘Prometheus Lab’ is a narrative-driven, art-focussed project from the warped mind of digital artist, Waxbones; powered by Props – the team behind all your favourite PFP projects!

Not just another generative project, Prometheus Lab puts creation in the hands of the collector, allowing you to swap out sections of your ‘Abomination’ through a re-roll feature… but once you hit that re-roll, there’s no going back!


Q: When? How many? How much?
Q: How many can I mint at once?
Q: How many Abominations per wallet?
Q: How many times can I re-roll a quadrant?
Q: Can more than one person mint the same combination?
Q: How are rarities weighted?
Q: Do all quadrants have matching sections?
Q: What’s the roadmap?
Q: What’s the utility?
Q: What about other Waxbones projects?

Special Thanks

  • Player0ne – Trailer Motion graphics
  • Robert Monroe – Trailer Original Score
  • Glowa – Teaser Sound Design
  • RoddyNFT – Community Manager
  • Waxboobs – Story consultant
  • MarkTheHabibi – Use of Habibi asset
  • Shakkablood – Use of HPPR asset
  • CryptoGeisha – Use of Super Geisha asset
  • Andreas Ivan – Use of Smoochies asset
  • Savage Dogs – Use of Savage Droid asset
  • XCOPY – Use of Right-click and Save-as Guy asset
  • Chris Wallace – Use of Woodies asset
  • Betty & Psych – Use of Deadfellaz asset